Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weekend Sharing

This week flew by!  Plans are being laid & decisions are being made & it all makes my head spin a little. Of course there's always time to share a few of the things on my mind this week.....

  • I made sugar cookies and experimented with Royal Icing.  I love how these turned out with the little hearts in the middle.  The technique is easy - just dot in the royal icing & drag a toothpick down the center to create a heart shape.  They were a hit!

  • The Saturday before the Match, I treated myself to a mani/pedi.  I had a Groupon to a nail salon I had been wanting to try anyway, and the timing was perfect.  An hour and a half of pampering, Millionaire Matchmaker, and red OPI polish on my fingers and toes.  Pure Bliss.  
  • I have a silly secret.... I love Forever 21.  I don't shop for clothes there (it's waaaaaaay too overwhelming for me), but they are my go-to spot for inexpensive accessories.  I started buying Big Sis a few fun headbands and now I'm hooked on their necklaces and bracelets.  Can happiness be found for under $6?  It can at Forever 21. 
  • I am not a collector of objets d'art, but I can't get this little lion off my mind.  Perfect for the Leo in your life.
  • I adore the prints in Little Brown Pen's etsy shop.  I am daydreaming about framing and hanging them in my kitchen. 

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Ashley said...

Super cute nails! And cookies. But back to the nails - I heart mani/pedis and ESPECIALLY at Groupon prices. It makes them happen and do-able/personal budget-able. And every girl needs a little pampering and R&R while she gets said pampering. Yea for you!

And LOVE when you introduce me to new ideas/products/websites. They just make me happen. I'm still using Retailmenot for everything. And I think of you everytime ;)