Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Design Help Needed

This is the window in the master bathroom.  It is currently covered by the plastic blinds that came with the house. I've kept them because they were 1 of 2 that were not hideously damaged by pets, and because this window not only looks over our front yard, but is also level with the second story of the house across the street. At 35"w x 46"l, it not exactly a small window.  The towel bars underneath it preclude any sort of actual curtain (I think.  Am I wrong?)

This window also faces East, and the sun blazes through there from about 2pm on. This makes it incredibly hot in the summer.  Because of this, could I use an outdoor fabric?  Or a blackout liner?  I would hesitate to use a less sturdy fabric because I think it would disintegrate after 1 summer. 

I am feeling paralyzed by indecision, but I see the choices as follows:

A.  Replace them with white faux-wood blinds.  This would be fine, but probably the least interesting. 
B. Make a roman shade using a patterned fabric & the existing plastic blinds. I've seen the tutorials all over Pinterest.  It looks pretty easy, but this also means I'd have to choose a fabric, and the options here are few. I had a recent, bad experience with buying fabric online, so I am reluctant to try this. (more on this after I work through the bugs of blogging via iPad.)
C. Cover the window with window film (aka clear contac paper). I don't think I'd feel comfortable with the amount of coverage this would offer.  But, I might try it because a roll of contac paper is under $5. 

So, what do I do here?  Are there options I am not thinking of?  My budget is no more than the cost of cheap, faux wood blinds : about $25 max.  Any suggestions are appreciated. 

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Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

How about faux wood blinds in white, then a faux roman shade mounted over the window? i did this exact thing three houses ago, before the blog. The blinds blocked the sun, but the fabric added a bit of prettiness.

Or use the faux wood blinds and put up cafe curtains just to the bottom window sash.

Where we used to live there were no fabric stores, so I was always on the lookout for what else I could use for fabric, like Target curtains or thrift store tablecloths.