Thursday, August 9, 2012

The William Morris Project: Stripping!

I FINALLY got off my bum and decided to take on the Super Glue wallpaper border.  

Remember this?

 The wallpaper border that took me 2 hours to strip away 5 feet?

I decided that my time (and shoulder muscles) were more valuable than that, so I caved and rented a wallpaper steamer for $25.

 I think this beauty was first purchased in 1932 by a Hungarian weightlifter named Franz. She weighs about 56lbs. when empty, and is nearly immoveable when filled with 5 gallons of scalding hot water. 

The steamer box (seen in the green bucket) was also missing a perforated cover, so it commenced to shoot skin-melting steam out of a single hole, along with random drips of scalding water. It was so hot, and so heavy that I had to wrap a towel around my left hand so I could grip the hose & heave the entire thing above my head (the metal box plate, not the water tank).  After holding it in place for about 3 minutes, the wallpaper simply peeled away..... taking some of the primer and a smidge of the drywall paper with it.  Can't win them all, can I?

But now it's done!  And all I have to do next is sand it, skim coat it, sand it, and paint it!

I'm actually far more excited than that sentence can begin to convey.

Because when I am done with this room?


This post is part of The William Morris Project via Pancakes and French Fries.

PS: Sorry this is late.... I've been attempting to blog via iPad, and it is not working for me at all.  Any tips?  

PPS: Too bad no one was around to capture photographic evidence that I ripped out the curtain rod with my bare hands.  Yes, that's how frustrated I was - bare hands & bloody fingertips. 

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Alice Almighty said...

Ms. Amy! I am sooooo excited too! I remember when you started this whole process, and I was stripping wallpaper too. What a nightmare.... I applaud you and your amazing steamer.