Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer, Where Did You Go?

Maybe a better title is "August, Where Did You Go?"  I cannot believe that it is September. And that Autumn will be here in 3 short weeks.  I am more than ready for some cooler weather and snuggly sweaters, aren't you?

Because it has been weeks since I blogged, here is recap of August:

Husband left to work an hour and a half away, for the entire month.  He only had one day off each week, and the first week he actually had my birthday off!  Hooray!  And then he had to trade it for a Saturday off so he could do a team-building activity with the other Residents.  Boo!  But my birthday was still nice - very low key, and I spent some quality time with 2 of my 3 favorite people.

Birthday Roses

Birthday Girl

This is just a silly picture of J, who fell asleep in Panera immediately after finishing his dinner. 
He's only ever done that once before.  

New favorite food: Bolthouse Farms Yogurt Ranch Dressing.  
2Tbs = 45 calories of yumminess.
Find it in the refrigerated salad section of your local Walmart. 

My Mom came to visit for 2 weeks, and I didn't get a single picture!   But the kids had loads of fun spending time with her, and doing crafts together.  We have many new masterpieces in the house.  

J was invited to a Superhero party for his buddy next door.  The party included a sweet backyard obstacle course, which the kids repeated 425 times.  

Check out those muscles!

At the end there was cake AND s'mores.  
Superheroes have to keep up their strength.

After fulfilling her part of our beginning of summer bargain (pass the swim test at the pool & you can get your ears pierced), we visited the mall and had the deed done.  

She was ready, but I think it still hurt a little more than she anticipated. 

And then my girl started 3rd grade!  We were all ready for that to happen. 

"Mom.... I'm getting tired of all the pictures...."

And finally, I found this gem on my phone this morning.  Looks like I need to be a little more careful where I leave it lying around.  

Are you sad to see summer go?  Are you ready for fall?  

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