Thursday, September 13, 2012

The William Morris Project: Lamps, and Plans, and a Little Crafting

Alrighty.  As usual, Thursday snuck up on me like a Ninja (especially astonishing as I spent most of yesterday resenting the fact that it was only Wednesday, and not Friday).  I haven't done much this week except continue to adjust to the new school/work/activity/homework/husband's crazy schedule.  So yeah.... I don't have a real "project" to share for this week.  But a few weeks ago I bought these hideous lamps, and I DO have plans for them.

I have needed bedside lamps for ages.  But I am tainted by the internet.  I see so many Goodwill transformations and DIY tweaks that I have a warped sense of what I should be able to do with the things around me.  I should be able to jaunt into the local Goodwill, pick up a matching yet horrendously ugly set of lamps priced at $2.71 each, and with a swath of spray paint and a few yards of ribbon, turn them into the lamps of my dreams.  And yet, our Goodwill is AWFUL, and the few lamps I already own are just not right for use next to the bed.  So when I happened upon these hideous beauties at Lowe's a few weeks, it was hard to pass up what was essentially a 2-for-$20 deal.  Yes, they were even a mix-and-match pair, so I consciously chose the green base and blue shade.

I know.

But I don't hate the shades, even though they clash a little (lot) with our blue/grey/greenish walls.  I plan to spray the bases white and call it good.  For now, they live in the realm of the functional.

And then there's this:

After spending months pinning yarn wreaths, I got off (or really, I got ON) my duff and made one.  Or most of one.  Accoutrements are still in progress. 

Have you made a yarn wreath?  If not, let me give you a few tips. 
  1. It doesn't take as much yarn as you think.  I have about a half skein left. 
  2. I used a straw wreath WITH the plastic on.  I also like the look of the squared foam wreaths.  It really does need a smooth surface to work best.  
  3. It is a BORING process.  I wrapped off and on for about 4 hours.  I'd do a section, then walk away to do something else for a while.  If you want to power through it, pop in a movie and settle in for some boredom.  I also found that sitting on the floor with the wreath held between my knees was the perfect way to keep both hands free and keep the wreath in place.  A little hard on the back, but very efficient. 
  4. It takes some zhusshing to get it right.  I'd wrap it 4 or 5 times, then work the strands into place, smoothing and tightening.  
  5. I don't ever work with yarn, so I wasn't sure where to start with it.  I worried that I was supposed to do something else with the yarn before wrapping, like re-wrap it into a pretty ball or something, but no, I just pulled out an end and went to town. 

 A few more felt flowers, and I'll have a pretty Fall wreath to go on my beautiful blue door!

This post is part of the weekly William Morris Project, a la Pancakes and French Fries


Alana in Canada said...

I can't imagine threading the yarn around and around the wreath form. Imust be thinking of it wrong. Love gourd lamps. They'll look great white. Wish Target would hurry up and come to Canada already!

May said...

I have not seen the yarn wreath project before. Looks like it would take forever, but be cute when done. Might take more than one movie though!

I was like you. Took a few years to find bedside lamps. Finally did and now use them everyday and can't imagine life without them. Hope yours work so well.

Liz said...

That is so cute, Amy! I've never seen a yarn wreath before and now I want one for every season.