Saturday, May 11, 2013

Weekly Recap: May 2013

Not sure exactly why I'm doing a weekly recap, as it wasn't anything super special.  Mostly because it's the first Saturday in 2 months that we didn't spend scrambling to gather our stuff and blast out the door to make it to a soccer game.

So essentially, because I can.

First, here is my mini Iron Man.  He had the pleasure of attending a mid-week birthday party for one of his pals, and had a BLAST.  I think the highlight was when he had the fastest time on the obstacle course.  Yep, small but speedy.

Second, I cut myself some bangs (gratuitous selfie alert!).  I still love my new haircut, but am having trouble styling it.  It is wavering into dork territory, and I thought I'd help out by adding some bangs.  Love it when it's pulled back, and it's very ugly-chic when down.  I'm sort of enjoying it.  

Finally, I thought I had posted this last month, but along with the other minor kitchen upgrades, we got rid of the hideous ceiling fan & swapped in track lighting. 

Before (moving day) 


We'd talked for months about ditching the ceiling fan, and once it began to buzz and flicker like an electrical fire waiting to happen, April suddenly seemed like a GREAT time to make that swap.  

I went back and forth for days about simply replacing the fan with a more attractive version.  I don't care for ceiling fans in the kitchen, but they are definitely practical in the summer months.  In the end, aesthetics won out.  After all, we do have central a/c.  

I initially ordered a track light from Home Depot and LOVED it.... but of course it arrived broken.  It was just a single shattered light cover, so I had high hopes that it could be easily replaced.  
But, NO.  
I was told that because the product was Made in China (and um, what isn't these days??) that no replacement parts were available.  And of course it took me several hours and 2 phone calls to get this Final Word on the matter.  I was incredibly irritated (and so was my husband, who had proceeded to begin installation due to the assurances of the FIRST customer service rep I spoke to), so that night we drove the 30 minutes to the nearest Home Depot to return the broken light.  And then went to Lowe's and bought a replacement that was half the cost and works just fine.  Food prep is much more fun now that I have a bright kitchen to work in!

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