Monday, May 6, 2013


You know I am a little weird about my hair.  It's truly a love/ hate relationship.  
And every time we move, I feel like I have to start over again - figuring out what shampoo, conditioner, styling treatments, and tools work best with the new climate and kind of water. 

And of course, I am resistant to change, so that's fun, too.  
I liked my long hair, but I had to face up to the fact that it wasn't working for me.  Or maybe I just really needed to switch things up.... after all, it has been a year of major change for me, so what's one more?  I've been thinking for months that it was time for a major trim, and it turned into me sitting in the chair and saying "Cut it off".  

So I did it....



5" gone and I actually love it.  
I was very fearful of descending into Old Mom haircut territory, but this makes me feel cute and sassy and I am hoping it will keep me cooler for the summer, too.  It looks like I darkened it, but I didn't - it's just different lighting.  And I can still pull it into a ponytail, so there's that.  

What do you think?


Kelly said...

I love it! It looks great on you.

Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

very cute! How's the foot?

Robyn said...

I absolutely LOVE it!!! Perfect cut for you. Cute and sassy.... mission accomplished!

Davis Family said...

I love it! You look beautiful, as always!