Friday, April 26, 2013

Notes from Recovery

  • Although I planned and prepped, one thing I didn't anticipate was how helpless I would feel on crutches.  Hobbling even short distances is exhausting, and it never even crossed my mind that I wouldn't be able to carry ANYTHING unless it was tucked into my cleavage.  Looks like I'll be pulling out my old backpack when I return to work next week - because I can't even manage a small purse much less purse, lunch, coat, etc.  
(waterbottle tucked into my sports bra)
  • The upside to the cast/ crutches is that my arms and right side are getting a workout!  My balance on the right side is vastly improved in just a week, and I don't need to worry about working out my upper body - hauling myself around on crutches means a constant arm/ shoulder/ ab workout.  
  • Sherlock on Netflix is brilliant.  I am sad that season 3 won't be out for months.  
  • I mentioned this years ago after having Big J, but seriously - someone needs to open a drive-through mini mart.  It's probably best that there is not one locally, as I would have cleaned them out of People magazine and ice cream, but I still think it's a brilliant idea.  
  • Next to freezing a bunch of meals, the smartest thing I did was to have Husband install a handheld showerhead in the downstairs bath.  I would be one stinky girl right now if I was trying to clean up using a traditional shower & a trash bag wrapped around my cast.  
  • This actually happened prior to surgery (the day before, in fact), but it's worth including here:  
The note reads: My Mommy gave me a bath and I said thank you by chewing off the cord to her steam cleaner.  And I'm not sorry!  ~Luke

He's a good boy 80% of the time..... but the other 20%... look out. 

It's a good thing I am on one leg right now (and unable to clean anything), so I'll have time to save up for a new steam cleaner.    

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