Tuesday, December 24, 2013


One of the MAJOR things that has happened this year is that we have gotten Husband's licensing DONE.

This. Is. Major. 

Licensing is important because it allows the Resident the option to begin moonlighting.  And because it's a kick-butt addition to a CV when you start looking for a j-o-b.

Before we started the process, I knew nothing about all the hoops we would have to jump through.  But I can tell you that I now feel like a bit of an expert.

Is it time consuming?




A lot of Hurry-Up-and-Wait?


Here's how it goes (this is specific to Ohio, so if you are a Resident from another state, the process/ paperwork will vary a bit).

Let me begin by saying that the whole process can easily take 6+ months to complete.  And that's if everyone is on the ball & all forms are completed correctly.  Add in some incomplete forms or a busy time of year, and you may be looking at 9 months. Plan accordingly & DON'T start this a month before you want to start moonlighting.
  1. FCVS On-line Application  
    1. This is your federal credentialing, and must be done prior to your state license application.  
    2. You have to send them a certified birth certificate or your passport.  If you send your passport, it's an extra $25 to have it sent back to you. 
    3. Time to process is 6-8 weeks.  Husband's took 6 weeks to complete.  
    4. Cost: $400 total - $350 for the application, $50 for your transcripts. 
  2. Criminal Background Check
    1. FBI, BCI, fingerprints. 
    2. Must be done in person; lots of locations to choose from.  
    3. Everything gets sent to the state medical board. 
    4. Time to process - about a week or two.  Everything gets linked to your state application, so you don't have to wait on anything. 
    5. Cost: $66
  3. Ohio Uniform Application
    1. Print out the application - all items must be mailed back unless otherwise noted.  
    2. A portion must be notarized.  Our bank did this for free. 
    3. You need at least 2 RECENT passport sized color photos.
    4. The AMA physician profile can be completed online. 
    5. 10-12 weeks to process.  Husband's took 4 weeks.
    6. Cost: $335, paid by check.
  4. DEA License
    1. Can't apply for this until your state license has been approved. 
    2. Application is online. 
    3. 4-6 weeks to process.  Husband's took 1 week. 
    4. License is good for 3 years.  
    5. Cost: $731
We began the process at the beginning of June, and completed it last week.  Because we didn't know how long it would actually take to process everything, we allowed ourselves LOTS of time before he would "need" his license.  We fully expected everything to take longer than it did - especially the DEA portion.  We did not move immediately from one step to the next.  Once the FCVS was done, we spent about a month+ on the state application.  Some of this was because it wasn't urgent, and some was because portions have to be completed by other people - specifically the Residency program, and the certificates of recommendation.  

Anyway, we are DONE with this, and it feels like another gigantic box checked off.  Whew!

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