Monday, December 23, 2013

Remiss + Christmas

My Husband pointed out the other day that I have been very much remiss in keeping up with my blog.

"Well, I just feel like I don't have much to say these days.  Stuff either doesn't feel important enough to share, or it feels a little too important to share, ya know?"

But again, he wisely reminded me that my original blogging intention was to be sort of a family journal.  And in that, I admit I have failed lately.   And I have plans to catch up and do a bit better in 2014.

Here goes.

First, we bought a real tree this year!!  We haven't had a real tree since we left Oregon.  Our apartment in Iowa didn't allow real trees (fire hazard), and since then we've either been tight on space or money, so we continued to use the fake tree I bought in 2007.  In last year's post-Christmas frenzy I picked up a sturdy tree stand, and have been plotting since then.

On Dec. 2 we went out as a family and chose our tree.  Back in Oregon, we used to do the tree farm, cut-your-own deal.   But this year, instead of Making Memories (aka calling everyone I know in the area to try and figure out where to go, then driving out, getting lost, tromping through the freezing mud, choosing an average tree & paying a heart-stopping amount), I chose to take us all down to Tractor Supply and randomly pick a tree from the stack out front.

And It. Is. GLORIOUS.  

That, my friends, is 7 1/2 feet of pure Christmas joy.   

We put it down in the family room, and it's so big that there is no room for a star, angel, or giant bow.  
Every time I walk downstairs, I smile.  
The smell is amazing.
And at night I like to turn off all the lights and just bask in the soft glow.
Best $20 I have spent in the last seven years!

And of course I had to get some silly Santa pictures in front of the tree.

Merry Christmas!


sarita said...

M looks so grown up! So does J, but she is a full blown tween!! And a very beautiful one at that.

Merry Christmas!

Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

that is a fabulous Christmas tree. We used to get live trees till we discovered two years ago, in the middle of December while we had a tree in our living room, that our middle child is allergic to trees. Now we have a teeny-tiny fake tree (affectionately called the Christmas bush). I'm hoping the massive pre-lit tree at Costco goes on sale on the 26th.