Saturday, March 22, 2008

Justin update

Malaina loves to hold her baby brother.

He had his first home bath on Wednesday. Not as traumatic as I thought it might be, but he still wasn't terribly pleased.

After visiting the pediatrician 4 out of 5 days this week, we finally have the OK to stop the light therapy. His bilirubin level dropped on Thursday, and again on Friday, so it appears to finally be working its way out of his system. He's also regained weight, so he's back to his birth weight - what a good eater! We go for his 2 week check up next Friday, and hopefully we won't need to see the doctor for anything but routine visits going forward.

Malaina has been very sweet with Justin, and enjoys holding him (while sitting down), bringing him his blanket/pacifier/socks/hat, and giving him very gentle hugs and kisses. It's been nice to be home as a family for Spring break, but I think we're all ready to get back into our usual routine of school and family time. The weather has been up and down all week - a few nice days, and now it's back to cold and cloudy - but at least 90% of the snow has melted! Unfortunately the cold weather has kept us inside for most of the week, and we all have a little cabin fever. We did get out on Wednesday for a short walk, and I tried out my new Peanut Shell sling( It worked OK, but I think I need a little practice to get him in the right position. It was definitely handy, and nice to have both hands free.

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