Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Last of the projects

Basket liners for the changing table. Much better than the pink gingham we had before. FYI - I know the blue & the tan don't "match", but the colors actually go with the crib sheets we have for him.... and will look great if we ever get the crib and changing table in the same room!
Blanket and burp cloth for my sister-in-law. She's having Baby #5 (a boy) in about a month. Good luck Sally!
I made these for our Boy. I LOVE the pattern (Alexander Henry 2D Zoo), and really like how it looks with the chocolate dot minky. My favorite burp cloth is the one with the minky and the pattern on the end.
FYI - A great source for minky is http://www.minkydelight.com/. I shop the Special Buys section, as you can find some great deals. Beware though - if you're trying to match a particular color, you're better off buying some sample swatches before ordering. I tried twice to match the green in the 2D Zoo pattern and ended up with two batches of lime/neon green minky.
PS - Malaina Moment of the Day: We're at the doctor's, just finishing up. She's been waiting on the chair patiently, but clearly has something she wants to tell the doctor. We wrap up our conversation and look at her. With a very serious look on her face, she says "um, um, um, um, My Mama can't bend down anymore!". We both laughed, and I told her I wouldn't have that problem in a few more days. It doesn't sound as funny in print as it did out loud.

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