Thursday, March 6, 2008

No baby yet.....

It's been a marginally eventful couple of days. On Tuesday, while exiting my car, I finally slipped and fell on the ice in our parking lot. It was probably hysterically funny to anyone who was watching, as I proceeded to slowly descend into the splits (as far as a pregnant lady can split) and then hold for a second as I tried to decide what to do. In the end, I gracelessly sat down and remained there for a few minutes as I evaluated whether or not anything was pulled, torn or bleeding. Thankfully, I was merely sore for a few days & seem to have no adverse affects other than shooting pains in my groin every time I roll over in bed (TMI? Probably, but honestly something always hurts these days).

I attended Enrichment on Tuesday night & really enjoyed myself. I tried to be a little more gregarious than usual (probably hard to believe for anyone I talked to that night), as I have been dwelling on Matt's comment that I don't bond well with others. I'm not denying that he's right, but am trying to be more conscious of this as I think I am a really good friend when I finally do open up to someone. Anyway, I had the chance to talk to some of the sisters who I had never met before, and really enjoyed them. I am liking this ward more and more.

Had a doctor's appointment yesterday, but there's been no change. 1-2 cm, it's good that I'm having contractions, and just wait. Super. I told her that if nothing happens by next week's appointment, I want to schedule an induction for Friday. Although I still wake up through the night, thinking my water is going to break, I have also resigned myself to having another 8 days to wait. I'm pretty sure he is warm and happy right where he is & has no intention of coming any sooner than necessary. I can't say I blame him, as it's about 20 degrees outside right now.

Finally, my new sewing machine arrived. It's a reconditioned Brother bought on, and it's AWESOME. Way fancier than my old machine, and so smooth and quiet. I don't think I'll use more than a quarter of all the bells and whistles on it, but just sewing some test strips last night was fun. I was getting so frustrated with the old machine, and now I'm actually looking forward to making the basket liners and the next blanket project.

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Ted and Hilery said...

Ted says the same thing about me and my ability to make friends! It takes me quite awhile before I feel comfortable and open up to others and "bond". This ward is really getting better for me as I finally know most of the girls names! It took awhile. ALthough I am not sure I can say I have really bonded with anyone in particular! I love having you in the ward and I really appreciate how sweet Malaina is to Nora. Nora talks about her all the time!
I can't wait to hear about the baby!