Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How's it Going?

It's a simple question, and one I have been answering with the usual "everything is good". Here's the more detailed answer: It's a little crazy! I expected it to be challenging, but after 4 years, I forgot about the grumpiness induced by severe lack of sleep, the inability to get anything done (including completing a shower without hearing him cry), and of course, we are learning the tricks of juggling two instead of one. Malaina is adjusting pretty well, but I think she really feels the loss of attention. We try hard to give her extra loves and attention, but the jealousy flares up occasionally. She does like to hold him and kiss him, but doesn't quite understand how delicate he is. We keep telling her that he will be much more fun in "a little while". We also talk about how much he's going to look up to her and how she needs to lead by example.

Justin is growing and doing well. I'm breastfeeding, and he eats well. We've tried the bottle a few times, and although he takes it without complaint, I'm going to stick with nursing for as long as I can. He is sleeping better at night, and usually goes down between 10:30 or 11, and wakes up just twice before 7 am. We're co-sleeping right now, and everyone is pretty happy with the results. I know this is controversial to some, but it works for us. I feel that not only do I get more sleep this way, but he fusses less at night, and goes back to sleep more quickly. We tried the crib for the first few weeks, and he doesn't hate it, but he definitely fusses more and wakes up more frequently. Justin isn't much of a fusser, and generally only gets grumpy when he's tired at night. He's also taken to the pacifier, and usually uses it to fall asleep at night.

I'm back at work this week, and it's been fairly quiet so far. It's definitely been tough to try and get things done and care for both kids. I forgot how demanding a newborn can be (and we are lucky that Justin is generally a very easy baby), and often don't have dinner ready on time, or laundry caught up. Luckily, Matt and I exist on our own schedules, and we're both taking these new changes day by day. I know it will only get better.

I lost most of the baby weight by the end of week 1 (all but 5 lbs), but still have a squishy tummy. I bought a stability ball, and have been doing some light ab exercises to try and firm things up. As the weather gets better (and less like the windstorm it's been this week), I hope to get out and walk with the kids a few times a week. Our complex also has a small gym, and when the weather gets hot, I want to get into the gym and start using the elliptical and treadmill. Now that my thyroid is stable and my energy is good, I hope that I can finally get rid of the extra weight I've been carrying for the last few years.

In other news: Matt only has about 6 weeks left in his first year of med school! Time has flown (especially since the beginning of the year), and I can hardly believe that year 1 is almost over. I hope we can get away to Chicago for a long weekend this summer, and spend some quality family time at Lincoln Park Zoo and Navy Pier. We're also going to sign Malaina up for swim lessons this summer - gotta keep Mom on the go!

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