Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rollin' in style

I've wanted a jogging stroller since I had Malaina, but we have a great Maclaren, and I never could justify the cost of a 2nd stroller. I've coveted the BOB since I found out they make a version with a swivel front wheel, and I was stoked to discover that the Revolution was one of the options in my American Express rewards program. I've been hoarding my Amex points, and finally ordered it a few weeks ago. I think it was delivered Friday, but the office didn't call until yesterday to let me know. Matt got home too late to pick it up, and it was torture to wait until the office opened this morning. We broke it in with a family walk today (Malaina rode her bike, of course), and Justin seemed to really enjoy it. With the addition of the BOB, I guess I really have no more excuses for not exercising. If the weather would cooperate, I'd be all set (supposed to be 82 tomorrow, then 65 on Thursday).

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