Friday, September 4, 2009

August Recap

My recent lack of blogging is a direct reflection of my lack of desire to do..... anything.

And yet, I feel like August was a steady month for us.

We spent far too much time and money at Lowe's and Home Depot. Investing in paint, light switches, garbage cans, new screwdrivers, and the dozens of various and sundry items that are needed for home comfort and maintenance. We did allow a little time for testing out the riding lawnmowers - mostly at the behest of Big J, who displayed his mechanical preference by squealing, grunting, and vigorous gesturing whenever we passed through the lawn & garden section.

We didn't just spend the money, we also applied some elbow grease to undertake a few projects around the homestead. We have: painted the bathroom a soft shade of pearly white, hung a new shower curtain, hung some new curtains in the dining room, cleaned & painted the stinkiest of the basement walls (it actually made a BIG difference), upgraded a few light switches, installed a window A/C unit (which was needed for all of 4 days before our cooling trend continued) and bought a china cabinet which I am in the process of sanding & staining.

We got to know our neighborhood a little better. Colorful, no?

Thanks to a birthday gift from my sweet husband, I've also started running again, and am enjoying exploring our quiet residential streets in the cool of the mornings. The Couch to 5K iPhone app gets an A+ for motivation, too.

Oh yeah, and I was gifted with the passage of another year. Yippee.

We've even discovered the county library. This brick oasis was our saving grace one steamy afternoon. We lost power in the hot hot heat of a miserable Monday (and in the midst of an urgent work project), and so we retreated to the cool quiet of the library. While I huddled on a child sized chair and typed out my emails, my children ran amok amongst the books, pillows, and imagination stations of the kid's area.

Maybe now that the cooler Fall is upon us, I can recharge my blogging batteries and emerge renewed. Viva Fall!

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