Friday, September 18, 2009

Fab Friday: September 18

When we moved, we made the commitment to give up cable. I was so sick of paying the huge bill every month, and we were spending way too much time with the TV on in the background of our daily life.

We bought a digital antenna and have happily settled in to a life of 7 channels (and still nothing on!). Fortunately, part of our programming is multiple channels of public TV. I love public television. Better cartoons, good cooking shows & I even get my dose of home renovation with This Old House.

My new favorite show is America's Test Kitchen. Billed as "Public Television's Most Watched Cooking Show", it's associated with Cook's Illustrated and Cook's Kitchen magazines. If you've ever read Cook's Illustrated, the TV show is like a mini-issue come to life. I like that they not only test out recipes and tools, they also tell you why different ingredients/ techniques/ tools work. And when they test tools, they test a wide range of tools - not just the top of the line.

I recently discovered that if you register for an account, you can access all the recipes from the current season. This week I made the Crunchy Baked Pork Chops (after seeing them made on the show - I am SUCH an easy sell), and I can't WAIT to make the Skillet Apple Pie. The video clips will make your mouth water.

Bon Appetit!


Kelly said...

I LOVE this show. I watch it all the time.

Laura Bernard said...

We don't get tv service at all, not even seven channels. I had no idea this was a show, BUT it is my FAVORITE cookbook! I use it all the time and love all the little tips and techniques they share.