Friday, September 11, 2009

Fab Friday: September 11

The wonderful thing about Birthday money is the possibilities. I can think of a hundred things to spend it on, but seldom take the plunge and really treat myself to something I have longed for. I tend to hold on to it, secreting it away, always waiting for the "right" moment - which inevitably means I slowly piecemeal it away on 2pm Diet Coke's and slightly off-color nail polish.

This year I broke my habit of birthday denial and purchased some new makeup.

I've used a few Laura Mercier products in the past and have been satisfied. They were effective - but as with most makeup - only as effective as the hand behind the tool. Past disappointments were put aside and I was eager for change and ready for action. When I stepped into Sephora's wonderland on that Thursday I had my mind set on what I wanted.

You see, my heart covets that elusive balance of value and exactitude. I want what I want, and I don't want to pay too much for it. Enter the tantalizing prospect of the Flawless Face Kit. This lovely set of maquillage promises to show you how to create the above-mentioned Flawless Face in 6 easy steps. Equipped with primer, tinted moisturizer, concealer (the "undercover pot"), powder, and the requisite brushes, sponge, and puff, you have all the tools to complete your desired mission. I prefer buying sets such as this because I always find at least one product I really like, if I don't like something I'm not stuck with a full-size and buyer's remorse, and because I don't tend to wear makeup every day even the pocket-sized portions last months and months.

After using this for several weeks I must admit that I have entered the Golden Triangle of Make-up. I love everything about this set but I am most especially enamored with the Foundation Primer. Much as with paint to adorn your home, your face requires, nay beseeches you, for priming before painting. This primer (unlike others I have sampled - Bare Minerals, I am sending a withering glance in your direction) applies fluidly, effortlessly, and feels like.... nothing. It provides a lovely, level playing field for the application of the next step of your choice and also helps secure that oh-so-tricky eye makeup.
Foundation Primer
Score one for Laura Mercier. And one for my (now) Flawless Face.

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