Friday, September 4, 2009

Fab Friday: September 4

Well, hello Fall. It's nice to see you again. Yes, we've been very busy here, chipping away at little projects around the house, enjoying your lovely weather, and prepping for school to start. There's been lots of organizing, cleaning, shopping (clothes & shoes), and talking about the Big Day (ie the Start of School). We've had a school tour, picked out the first day outfit, mapped out our walking route, found a lunch bag, and started getting up earlier in an attempt to acclimate to our new routine.

Fall, if I were Martha Stewart, you'd be tops on my Favorite Things list. But I am not (Whew! But my bank account might not be as relieved as my psyche is). I love your cool yet sunny days, and your even cooler nights. I love wearing sweaters & jeans (my favorite uniform), and breaking out my fuzzy pink slippers in the mornings. I love warming up with a hot cup of tea, baking apple pies, and cooking delicious stews, soups, and casseroles for dinner. I love heading to the pumpkin patch with a cup of hot apple cider in hand and a fresh donut in my belly. I love little girls in knee socks & a cardigan, and little boys in Sunday sweaters. I love boots, I love Honeycrisp apples, and I love snuggling under the down duvet on my cozy bed.

Fall, you are TOTALLY Fab, and I am so glad you've arrived a little early. Why don't you settle in and stay for a while, OK?


Kelly said...

I couldn't agree more. Fall please stay awhile. Please!

Robyn said...

you write so well.. you gave me the goose bumps!