Monday, May 3, 2010


I feel as though I've gotten out of the "habit" of blogging. I still blog stalk so many great writers, but when it comes to telling my own stories... well, I feel like the well has dipped a bit low lately, and I need to conserve those tiny sips of water for my own parched throat.

But in the interest of memoriam, here are a few things that have been happening:
  1. Big Daddy and I are totally enamored with streaming Netflix via the Wii. We can't get enough of it, and our latest obsession is with Dexter. We started Season 1 on Monday & powered through the final 4 episodes last night. This is totally changing the way we watch TV.
  2. Big Sis went shooting for the first time this weekend. What's that? You didn't know we were packin' heat? Well, we are. Not me so much (although I do believe that photographs exist to the contrary), nor the kids - but Big Daddy knows his way around a gun barrel, and likes to exercise his right to bear arms. We decided to take a family drive so he could scope out a shooting range & I ended up leaving the two of them while J and I took a stroll around Target (believe me, everyone was happy with this arrangement). Her aim was pretty good - especially for a 6yo - and she was proud to show off her target.
  3. Weather has been hot, cold, and torrentially rainy. But when the sun comes out, the sky is a bright brilliant blue with no haze. Team that with a gentle western wind & Michigan doesn't seem so bad.
  4. We're starting our first garden plot. I've always wanted a little garden, and we decided that this would be a good way to stretch out our green thumbs & see if they turn black in full sunlight. Big Daddy dug out a 4' x 4' square, built a box planter, and we filled it with a couple of bags of organic soil. One more & we'll be ready for seeds. The thought of homegrown zucchini and tomatoes makes me a little giddy.
  5. This little guy cracks me up.
  6. My sister is getting married in July. Not only does this mean our family is getting bigger, it means we get to go to Cali for a few days! WHOOT! {I'd like to pre-order each meal to be Mexican food, please. Thank you for understanding}. Plus we'll also head back to NV for a few weeks of R & R at Lake Tahoe. Summer is looking up already!

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Ashley said...

Yea for updates - y'all are busy. Yea for LA - oh how I could eat mexican everyday of my life. And Ohio/Midwest seems to have slim pickings on authentic mexican food/tex-mex. But I'm all about any excuse to go on vacation!

I hear you on the lack of blogging thing - but I'm behind in blog stalking AND writing my own. I do like catching up on yours - you're a favorite of mine to read ;).