Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thank You, Husband!

You did it. You helped make Mother’s Day – and the entire weekend – awesome. I know, I didn’t ask for much, but you came through on all counts. And you were spot-on: You can most certainly follow a plan.

This was one of the most relaxing, worry-free weekends in recent memory. I appreciate getting to sleep in, I was touched by the homemade gifts from the kids, I am SO EXCITED about the spa gift certificate, and I really enjoyed the minimal amount of cooking that was required. We got projects done around the house, watched movies, ate delicious food, and generally enjoyed each other’s company. Thank you on all counts.




Robyn said...

SO Happy you got what you deserve!!

Liz said...

Hey, friend! I'm finally back to the land of the Blog. I adore the heck out of you-thanks for the birthday card, and I will now commence catching up on all your writing.

Also, Happy Belated Mother's Day.

Jen said...

So happy for you :)