Thursday, May 3, 2012

The William Morris Project: Bedroom Update

Yes, we finally did Big Sis' room, and I am utterly MEH about the results. 

I'm glad it's painted, and the trim is done, and all the door hardware is painted, and the fan is painted, and the outlets & switches have been updated.......but I'm just not feelin' it. I didn't get to do an accent stencil in the closet like I wanted, there are no pictures hung yet, and we haven't even put up the mirror we've been keeping for a year.  I'm also severely bothered by the clashing pink of the table & dresser.  I feel like they either need to be a brighter pink or white.  And I don't love the fan.  It feels lifeless.   

I'm hoping that doing the above - and really finishing the room will change my mind.









Close-up of bedding

Close-up of fan

I do love the curtains, the new bedding, and how the lamp ties in with the duvet.  Maybe I actually do need to paint an accent wall..... or hang a lot of artwork .....or something. It just feels BLAH right now.  Is it better than the purple?  YES.  But I don't think it's quite in the "Beautiful" category yet.  

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Rita@thissortaoldlife said...

I don't think it's BLAH. Just maybe not quite finished yet? You've got a great foundation to build upon. (Really like your graphic area rug!) Saw this post yesterday that might give you some ideas: Looking forward to seeing what you do next!

Alana in Canada said...

The walls are too bare, that's all. You said you have something for them? It is looking great, though. Love all the different tones of pink. The dresser and bedside table look fine. (But then looking at colour over computer moniters can't be trusted.)

the mother ship said...

I think it's a great improvement! But it does look unfinished. Maybe that's the "blah"? I personally would like to see a more substantial headboard on the bed. I think the scale of the furniture maybe is too small for the room? At any rate, good work! :)

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely big bedroom! The pink is fresh, it looks really nice, and I love the bedding - it is so girly and pretty.
Some large art work and maybe a big mirror? Just some finishing touches will make the room spectacular.

Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead said...

Definitely a nice big space to work with. I think something up on the walls, it's going to feel a lot more finished. The new color is really nice. Cute bedding too!

Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

The bedding and the rug are fantastic--the room just isn't done yet.

Melissa said...

You've done all the foundation work--now you can have fun finding things for the walls and layering in some personal touches! I agree with the other comments that I would start with something big for at least one wall. My kids love to have their own artwork in their room. What about popping some of your daughter's art projects into a series of frames?

May said...

I think the stencil and art for the wall will help add some zing to it.

Liz said...

I think it looks beautiful, and I LOVE that rug.