Thursday, May 31, 2012

The William Morris Project: Knock, Knock

This week's project was a happy accident.  
A fortuitous occurrence.
A most welcome happenstance.  

It started out as a mistake, and ended with another little piece of my heart filled with happiness. 

We went to Lowe's on Monday to buy paint for our new beehive. 
First mistake: Lowe's on a holiday. 
Second: Buying paint from Lowe's on a holiday. 

The paint lady was completely not paying attention when my husband told her what he wanted. 
So, we ended up buying 2 quarts of the same color: one flat, the other semi-gloss. 
Fortunately, we love us some blue. 

Now, instead of basic white:

Our door is the color of a ripe blueberry!

3 coats with a brush/ roller + 36 hours of drying time.

We didn't even take the door down - just taped off the edge. 

I think it really brightens the whole exterior. 

I love the color. 
It 'pops' against the white storm door & red brick.

The white door was too bland. 
A red door?  Not with red brick.
Black?  Are you on crack? 

Blue, you are juuuuust right.  

This post is part of The William Project, brought to you by Pancakes and French Fries.  


sarita said...

Looks fantastic! And I love the new look of your blog!

Alana in Canada said...

That is a gorgeous colour.

Kelly said...

I love it! I must say that I have loved following all your projects.

Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead said...

Definitely love it! It really does pop now. I always love and am amazed by how much impact a bit of paint can make! We have a bunch of painting projects ahead of us. Not one of my favorite things to do, but I love the results. :)

Alice Almighty said...

I really like the color! I totally agree with not white. :)

May said...

And now we have front doors that match! Love the blue.

Kandice said...

I love your just right blue door!

Anonymous said...

Love the blue door. I had ours painted black a few years ago and it really changed the whole look of the house, for the better. The door color before that was a mauve color that the painter told me was primer. It had never been painted!! I added a nice door knocker, too. Looks fabulous!