Monday, June 4, 2007


I was travelling for work last week, hence the lapse in blogs. I prefer not to use my work computer to blog or do anything too personal. Probably a good policy for more people to have. I'm always amazed when I hear about folks who look at porn while at work, or job hunt while at work. Or who put stuff on their resume like "prefer to work in the nude". Seriously, who decides that that is information that should be shared with HR managers and the EA's who are pre-screening these resumes?

Anyhoo. I was in Boston, then drove to Burlington to take a look around, then back to Boston. A quick trip, and A LOT of driving. My butt is still aching from sitting in the not-so-plush driver's seat of the Toyota Avalon I rented (averaged 25 MPG - I don't recommend it). Thoughts from my trip....

1. I hate Boston. It's probably a cool city, but I got lost. A lot. Like every time I left my hotel room. And not just driving, oh no, I got lost WALKING. Now, It's not like I'm a human compass, but I do have a decent sense of direction. Seriously though, I've never seen streets that bend and curve and disappear like they do in Boston. And the toll roads - don't get me started. I had to stop twice to get more cash because I spent all my money on the freakin' tolls.

2. It was not a 3 hour drive between Boston and Burlington, it was 4+. And decent radio was hard to find in that 4 hours. And so was a bathroom or food. I don't understand why the cities are set so far off the highway. Probably better for the community but crappy for the traveller at large. I couldn't see anything, so had no idea if anything was worth stopping for.

3. The exception to the above was the Yankee Candle Store. Yeah, they're all over the place, but this was the Mothership of Candle Stores. Seriously, it was bigger than some department stores I've been in. And BOY was it smelly. I mean that in a good way, but really, I'd have a never-ending headache if I had to smell those candles all day every day. I wasn't going to buy anything,but finally gave in and stocked up on the 18 votives for $19.99. A smokin' deal for YC's. I WAS amazed at the number of candles people were buying. Seriously - there were a few people toting around 6-8 of the big honkers - the ones selling @ 3 for $50. Again, a good deal, but I personally would have a hard time blowing $250 on candles.

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