Sunday, October 26, 2008

Crazy Eights

Eight TV Shows I Like to Watch:
  1. Project Runway
  2. The Office
  3. CBS News Sunday Morning
  4. How I Met Your Mother
  5. Big Bang Theory
  6. Mad Men
  7. The Mighty B (yes, I have kids)
  8. The Soup

Eight Restaurants I Like to Eat At:

  1. PF Chang's
  2. In-n-Out
  3. Jack in the Box
  4. Alberto's
  5. Broadway Cafe
  6. Big Town Hero
  7. California Pizza Kitchen
  8. Pastini

Eight Things That Happened Today:

  1. Woke up
  2. Took some Motrin
  3. Got Big J up
  4. Changed his diaper
  5. Turned on Tom & Jerry for Big J
  6. Checked my email
  7. Checked ebay
  8. Checked blog (sorry it's not more exciting - we've only been up for 30 minutes!)

Eight Things I Am Looking Forward To:

  1. Halloween
  2. Thanksgiving & possibly going to Minneapolis
  3. Going to Oregon in December
  4. Rotation lottery in January
  5. Birthday celebrations in January, February & March
  6. Trying out my new coat
  7. The first fire of the season (in our fireplace)
  8. Drinking a hot apple cider

Eight Things On My Wishlist:

  1. Shampoo & conditioner
  2. To rent a house with a non-flooding basement & fenced backyard
  3. A dog
  4. A family trip to Disney World
  5. For Big J to start sleeping through the night with a minimum of crying (and no paci)
  6. An In-n-Out Burger
  7. Flannel sheets
  8. New running shoes

I tag: Robyn, Sara P., Chrissy, Rebecca, Ashley, Hilary, Suzie, and Kelly.


Mom said...

You deserve an In-N-Out burger after your accomplishment yesterday. You made me proud!

Ben, Rebecca, Natali, & Isaac said...

All I know that in a little over a week, I will be totally snarfing down a wonderful heavenly In-N-Out burger! Oh my mouth is watering just thinking about it! They simply are the BEST! Way to go on your 5k. Considering I think running 1 mile is a miracle (for me), you did 3.1! Way to go!