Friday, October 3, 2008

Weekly update (not much happening)

Thanks to those of you who responded to my plea for a sure-fire recipe. I haven't done much cooking in the last few days, but I will be sure to try all the recipe suggestions. And yes, the crock pot cake was from c-jane. After hearing that I am not the only one to end up with a burnt mess, I half suspect that vixen jinxed her recipe to keep the chocolate-y goodness to herself. Evil.

I have been unusually sore over this week, and I'm not sure what that's about, but it's affecting my morale. I still made it to Baby Bootcamp twice this week and have run twice, but I've really had to push myself to get it done. I guess you can't always enjoy exercise - sometimes you just gotta do it. Next week my training program turns to all running. Oh joy. The one bright spot is that I ran without the stroller tonight and it was MUCH easier. I can actually visualize myself running the whole race - and I feel so stupid writing that, after hearing people talk about their marathons last night. Some day I'd like to run the Nike Women's Half Marathon, but I'm going to have to work up to that one. Any race that involves chocolate, pedicures, the all-important race t-shirt AND a Tiffany's necklace at the end has my name written ALL over it! Check it out here: Nike Women's Marathon

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sarita said...

Count me in for the Nike Women's Marathon! And girl, it is a totally different story running a race AFTER having children (something I have yet to even attempt to accomplish), so I am seriously impressed.

By the way, how do you make homemade marshmallows? They sound heavenly.

Have fun celebrating your anniversary and vacationing!