Thursday, October 23, 2008


It's been a bummer of a week. I think it's been a post-vacation funk. While I should be re-focusing myself on Christmas, it's hard to get excited about 2 weeks in someone else's house. My in-laws are very, very nice people, but I would be lying if I said that I was eager to spend 2 weeks without my own bed, food, TV, car, or routine.

We're also in the midst of weaning Big J. And it's not going well. He is utterly rejecting the bottle and the sippy cup. He acts like I am feeding him arsenic. I finally tried pumping today and he seemed less repelled by the bottle (and yes, I've tried multiple bottles, nipples, and sippy cups). I hope that starting fresh tomorrow he may be a little better if it tastes more familiar than formula. I remember Big Sis taking several weeks to warm up to the bottle, but J is just over the top about it. I have to go out of town next month, so he's just gotta get used to it. He's GOTTA. Oh yeah, and he's still a terrible sleeper. My sincerest wish right now is that I will be able to wean him in less than a month and that he'll then actually sleep through the night before he's a year old. See - it can't be all that bad if I can still hang on to such a pipe dream.

And finally, I had an argument with a neighbor. I feel ridiculous typing that, as last time I checked, I am no longer in Middle School. But, yes, I had a verbal altercation with a neighbor. Thankfully, she has moved out, no one was physically harmed, and I feel like I won the argument. Good Night, maybe I still am in Middle School.

So, do you have any sure-fire ways to pump up my day? A no-fail recipe? A favorite place for a delicious, fudgy dessert?

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Ted and Hilery said...

Have you tried The Bake Shoppe on University? They have to die for brownies, yummy eclairs and lots of others goodies. A great pick me up on a bad day!