Friday, December 31, 2010

End of Year Newsletter

I decided against doing Christmas cards this year.  For the amount of work involved, and the excessive amount of time I was spending thinking about how/when/where to capture the perfect picture, it just didn't seem worth it.  

So for the two people who really appreciate cards from us, I'm sorry.  

And for the other two who are still reading, I give you the Huff Family Newsletter.  I'm posting this on New Year's Eve, so I feel I can still call it a Holiday Newsletter AND a 2010 recap.  Click twice to enlarge into readability.  And you're welcome.    


Anonymous said...

very enjoyable!

Ashley said...

I have a feeling a ton of people read your fabulous blog !!! And can I just say a: kudos to you for your Christmas letter. I too had all intentions to send them out and that didn't happen, nor has an email or blog happened so I'm impressed. B: your family newsletter is the most creative and cutest hung ive seen. Plus I LOVE the pics. You are SO creative. Happy holidays to you and your dang cute family.