Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snow Day, Part I

It started snowing on Sunday morning.  A wet, heavy snow that I knew would turn to ice that night.  I shovelled at about 10 am, wanting to get a jump on it & make sure we would have a clear path out for church.  In the end it was a wasted effort because it just kept coming & coming.  

Monday morning, I woke up at 6am to begin again.  I shovelled for 75 minutes (5" of snow over an inch+ of ice), then frantically got the kids up & going for school.  Silly Mama - forgot to check the school closures... because why would school be closed from a few inches of snow???  There was blue sky for Pete's Sake!  We re-routed to the grocery store to stock up on ice melt & turkey burgers, then headed home to warm up.  

Enter Snow Day, Part I

They "played" in the snow, but it didn't last long.  -9 degrees is not conducive to play or snowman building.  We learned the hard way.  

After hot chocolate and grilled cheeses sandwiches, the crafting & Mario Kart competitions began.  

I finally finished my door snakes, just in time for the frigid weather.  Know what they are filled with?  Kitty Litter!  It's a little dusty, but much cheaper than buying beans or rice.

We also caught up on some Advent Activities such as making a "Gingerbread" House.  Both the kids pitched in to decorate, and of course we had to add a mascot - a glittered triceratops to guard our precious abode.  Every home should have one.  Big Sis started her sibling gift for J, and we'll finish that up during Snow Day, Part II (today!).  

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Ashley said...

Yea for snow days!!! And Big J's smile is pretty much the cutest thing I've see. Plus I'm loving the triceratops - haha, and great idea on the kitty litter and door snake.