Sunday, December 5, 2010

Visit to Santa

Saturday morning's Advent activity was a Visit to Santa.

Back story: After talking it over, we decided this was the only decent weekend to make it happen, so I did a quick envelope switcheroo, and began to mentally prepare myself for the havoc of a Saturday with Santa.   This preparation apparently included the following delusion: "Santa opens 2 hours before the mall does.  If we get there a little before everything opens and put our name on the list right away, we should be able to get in and out pretty quickly."

Apparently arriving at 9:30 was also the idea of at least 50 other families, and signing in immediately gave us an 11:30 return time to see Santa.  Le sigh.

Here's what we did to kill the time:
  • Dropped off letters to be mailed to the North Pole.  
  • Waited in line for hot chocolate. 
  • Waited in line for snacks. 
  • Took pictures of kids running. 
  • Took pictures of kids next to trees. 
  • Took pictures of kids next to poinsettias. 
  • Took pictures of kids next to garland. 
  • Found a locker to dump our outerwear.  
  • Visited the bathroom 3 times. 
  • Visited Lego store. 
  • Watched Big J run - FOR AN HOUR. 

Mailing a Letter to Santa.  They had a really neat setup where the kids can post a letter & it gets sucked up a long tube to the top of the mall (3 stories up) & "sent" to Santa.  The Postmaster was really great & made each child feel special as they handed over their precious lists.   

In the inner sanctum, waiting to see Santa.  

The Big Man himself.  J has been SO EXCITED to see Santa, but we weren't sure what would happen when he saw him up close.  Sis went first, then J joined her & he did great!  Spoke up loud & clear, and there was no apprehension at all.  
I really liked that we had the option to take our own pictures (as many as we wanted) for just a few dollars (as opposed to the package deal for almost $40!).  

A successful day.  

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