Saturday, January 8, 2011

Crafting Quandry

I'm trying really hard to catch up on the craft projects that have eluded me for the last year.... like the blanket that I started last January (which was supposed to be a Christmas gift for the previous year).


I know.  But I am trying to make up for it.  I finished quilting the blanket and just need to bind it (and am admittedly slightly paralyzed by the prospect).  I made one winter curtain & need to finish the other.  And when these are done (and not before), I am moving on to a duvet cover for J (another project that I have delayed & delayed).

Which makes it that much more difficult when I find a site like this: Make It and Love It.

So many adorable projects!  So much that looks!

I'm also crushing on Craftily Ever After.  She's got great, inexpensive projects and clear tutorials.  It also doesn't hurt that she's the wifey of an Oregon friend.

Go check out what Ashley and Jessica are up to and get crafting!

Must.  Get.  Sewing..... so I can do more!!

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