Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wherein I Confess That I Have Done My Blog A Disservice

While Twittering my boredom last night (or more accurately, watching Twitter pass me by), I linked through to this Salon Article.  While I most certainly do not count myself within the ranks of these Mormon Mommy Bloggers (I think the only things we have in common are contained within that title), I realized that I have been neglecting what I love most about my blog.

I frequently don't write because I feel as though there's nothing to say.  And yet, that seems to miss the point of blogging.  In it's essence, blogging is a celebration of the mundane.  And that's what the blogs named in the article do so well.  It's not that their lives are so shiny & happy & picture perfect.  They simply point out the joy in the small details of life - and they do it both well and often.

So here's to the little things, and here's to posting more regularly.

Happy Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

That is so true. I finally decided that I write my blog for me and for my kids. If other people occasionally enjoy reading it, that's great, but in the end, I don't do it for them. That opens up the possibilities to write about all sorts of things that might or might not be of interest to anyone besides myself. :)