Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Post Where I Express My Disappointment With The Month of January

January, you get a bad rap.  I'm not saying you don't deserve it, but part of it is not your fault.  Much like August, your position on the calendar is much to blame for your unfortunate reputation.  You lie in that peculiar no-man's land of time, trapped between the excitement of the December holidays and the far-off possibilities of Spring.

While you begin with a bang, it's not always of the joyous variety.  The pressure of resolutions and change and examining the imperfect are not my idea of a good time (not that I am opposed to self-review, it's just that 1/1 is in direct conflict to my feelings that this should be an ongoing process vs. a yearly one).  Mother Nature's wintery penchant for grey skies and frigid temperatures do nothing to enhance your questionable reputation. And 31 days of this drudgery??  FAR too much.  

So I mark off the days with an increasingly heavy hand, eyes glazed over with thoughts of sunny skies and Caribbean breezes.  Florida's siren song is calling... if only my lottery ticket seller/ Fairy Godmother/ Guardian Angel would hear it too.  In the meantime, I fill your days with phone calls and playdates, spicy food and woolen mittens.

And PS - I'd still rather be cold than hot, so January, you totally have the edge over August!!


Kelly said...

At least it is already half way over. I generally feel this was about February. Now, that is a month I usually would rather just skip. I think this is the first year February just isn't coming fast enough.

Becky said...

Valentine's day is around the corner . . . and yet I am soo with you about January (especially in MI where is is so gray all the time). I just seem to be dragging for no apparant reason. Florida sounds great about now . . . I am jealous of my hubby who is going to Guatemala the end of February!!