Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fighting the Power

After a horrible, awful, no-good, very bad Monday, Tuesday dawned with hope and light.  

Well, it dawned with hope anyway.  The light came later - about 2 hours after I got up at 5am (J, we really gotta talk about these early mornings wake ups).  And the hope was coupled with RAIN.  Yes, RAIN, in the midst of a grey January morning.  Who ever heard of rain and ice together?  Michigan, that's who! And apparently my driveway had to get in on the action, as it was coated with a thin sheet of ice from back door to garage. 

Despite a slippery start, I knocked out my early morning errand, played a few rounds of Mario Kart (as Donkey Kong, per request of the 2 year old - I think he sees a kindred spirit in that ridiculous ape), and then headed out to the thrift store and one of my 3 favorite shopping destinations: The Costco.  

First, I scored a new cookbook.  $3.95.  Not bad!  I expect it to fully live up to its lofty claims, and I am already feeling very trusting towards all 350 recipes.  Maybe I should do a Julie & Julia thing and make a recipe a day for a year.  

Maybe not.  (My jeans are already thanking me).

Next, I went to The Costco.  Ah Costco, I do love thee.  Where else can one purchase a new sofa, a gallon of milk, 18 lbs. of apples, 2 dozen tennis balls, a gas generator, and a prescription for allergy medicine all in the same visit?  

(fyi, I only bought one of these items)  

But I did buy 20.23 pounds of pork.  Apparently I decided that our household was in the midst of a pork shortage that must. be. rectified.   I really think that the weather just made the idea of pulled pork sandwiches sound irresistible.  So, now my freezer is filled with swine and my belly is full of churro and hot dog.  

See, I told you it was going to be a good day.     


sarita said...

Please do a Julie and Julia! I would be your number one fan!

Ben, Rebecca, Natali, & Isaac said...

I am having Costco withdrawals. Oh how I miss having one within 10 minutes of my house!