Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Favorite Things

Inspired by a friend's blog, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things with you.

2Do App for iPhone 
I make my daily to-do list, keep random shopping lists, and generally stay on top of things all thanks to this app.  Super easy to use!

Nike Free
I picked these up last Fall, hoping they would be good for indoor cross-training.  They are OK for workouts (I have hard to fit feet), but I have been pleasantly surprised to find that I LOVE them for travel.  They are incredibly lightweight & very comfortable. 

The Body Shop Body Butter
Available in an array of fragrances, I have a special fondness for Mango, Cocoa Butter and Sweet Lemon.  In the winter, it gives me a reminder of summer.  In summer it keeps my skin hydrated and soft. I wait until they go on promo, then stock up.  
Clarisonic Classic
Being a poor student family, there is no money for indulgences like facials. With the Clarisonic, I can give myself a mini-facial at home.  It has absolutely changed the texture of my skin and reduced my pores.  

Orange Peeler
With Spring and Summer here, we're eating more of those beautiful Florida oranges.  This 25 cent gadget is so simple but makes peeling any citrus fruit a breeze.  
Sterilite Totes
I use these for tons of stuff - to store Christmas decorations, stash out of season clothing, and organize craft items.  Whenever they go on sale, I'll buy one or two more.  They stack perfectly, and fit nicely on our garage racks.  With moving day approaching, these are a huge help. 

Stila "Kitten" Eyeshadow
A perfect shimmery peach color, this wakes up tired Mommy eyes, and brightens my face.  I use it almost exclusively.  

T3 Flatiron
After going through several cheap flatirons, I invested in a good one.  Totally worth it.  This has streamlined my hair routine and after 3 years it's still going strong. 

Addictive.  Seriously addictive.  If you've ever wanted to stop bookmarking a million different pages, start using Pinterest.  You can "Pin" images into different "boards", creating your collection of whatever (nailpolish, recipes, light fixtures, vacation ideas, etc.).  You can look at what other people have pinned and comment on their images.  Access by invitation only.   

I'm not sure if it's the cool patterns and colors, the comfort (they don't rub, I swear!), or the sheer joy of putting on flipflops after a long winter of boots, but I am a Havaianas lover.  My faves are above (Slim style), and they make me happy every time I wear them.  

Essie Nailpolish: Clambake
Essie makes excellent nailpolish, and this color is one of my go-to's when the weather warms up.  The bright orange is flattering against tan (and not-so-tan) skin.  If you can't find this, Braziliant is new & similar. 
King-sized Down Pillows
I bought these years ago, and don't sleep well without them.  I can flatten it out, fluff it up, and always look forward to laying my head on it at night.  Plus, they make a fantastic pillow fort.  

Do you have a favorite thing? 


Chrissy Jo said...

I too am a fond lover of Havianas. Nick brought some home for me a few years ago when he went to Brazil and it was instant love. They are all I wear when I'm pregnant... or even when I'm not pregnant and the ground isn't covered in snow. :-)

I also love Mango Body Butter! With all those groupons for the BodyShop I think I'm set for the next year! I actually brought Mango Body Butter to the Favorite Things Party this year.

Question: Where do you get said citrus peeler? My inlaws have one and I love it but want one of my own!

Favorite Running Shoes: Asics. I used to be a Nike girl, but a few years ago they changed their shoes and I just don't like the way the fit anymore! I have really high arches (despite all the Haviana wearing), and I think the Asics are fabulous!

That's Ms. Amy to You... said...

Chrissy, I bought my orange peeler at a Pampered Chef party. They work so well that I bought 3 more!

Marisa said...

What is your Pinterest user name? I'd love to follow your boards!

Robyn said...

I love whenever you share with us. I love great stuff, but I hate researching it all out. Love the Havianas too!