Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Packing Begins

I think this about sums up what's going on around here.  
Yes, despite the fact that we have 34 days until we can actually begin moving, I am packing every day.  Just a few boxes here and there, but I'm doing it. 

Part of me looks around and thinks "We have plenty of time, why start now?".  And the other part looks around and thinks "The more you do now, the less you have to do later.".  

The shed is done, the garage mostly organized, the basement nearly all stored & staged. 
These are small areas, minor parts in the orchestra of bubble wrap and boxes.  
But they have become the starting point for our next journey.  

If I'm not packing, I'm thinking about The House.  Well, both houses actually.  
I wrote out what I hope will be our last rent check - possibly ever.  And it was the most satisfying experience I've had in months.  I can't wait to say good-bye to the smelly basement, the 3 feet of kitchen counter space, the sticky front door, the lack of A/C.  It won't be hard to turn our backs on this place (but of course, the people are another matter). 

I spend long minutes staring at tiny online pictures of The House.  
I ponder.  
I wonder.
I worry.         

I should have looked in the fridge. 
I should have flushed the toilets.  
I should have measured the garage.  
I should have looked in the kitchen cabinets.
I should, I should, I should.....

What I should do is stop worrying. 
Because I know it will be OK. 
We know the house is sturdy and strong.
The roof is new. 
The lights all work. 
The street is quiet. 

So instead, I wonder how much primer it will take to cover the bright orange bathroom. 
How much new carpet is going to cost (and really, is the extra padding worth it?).
I spend long hours staring at paint chips. Shuffling, combining, picking through the color wheel. 
Accent wall?
Light & modern?
Dark & cozy?

Giving myself internal pep talks.  
Realizing it won't - it CAN'T - all get done as soon as we move in. 
And most of all, just looking forward. 


April Robinson said...

It will be fine. Well, there will be something wrong but that's the fun part! (and the new carpets will be worth it.

Good luck,


Liz said...

So exciting!! And stressful, but mostly nice to be moving on to the next step. I'm so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Change is sometimes both exhilarating and scary. Good luck on your next adventure :)