Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Fine Line Between Dishonesty and Cheapness

I took Big Sis to the movies yesterday.  It was an impromptu, last minute, we-only-have-20-minutes-to-race-across-town-&-make-it-there-in-time-decision.  But we made it.

In the car, she asked if she could get a Kid's Pak (popcorn, gummies, and a drink for $5).  I asked if she had her own money, and she said she didn't bring any.  My reply: "Then we're going to do it my way."

We rolled into the Meijer gas station parking lot and ran through the doors.  3 minutes later, we were back in the car with drinks & snacks for both of us.  Total cost: $4.97.

I explained that we would put them in my purse to take them inside.

And then I realized what I was telling her.

How to explain the concept of sneaking food into the movie theatre?  It's not ILLEGAL, but it's not HONEST, either.  There is a rule of "No Outside Food or Drink".  But it's not a LAW.  You can't go to jail for smuggling Twizzlers in your purse, but have you EVER seen anyone kicked out for bringing their own water?

Also, how to explain without making it sound like we were sticking it to "The Man"?  Because yes, part of why I chose to do it was so that the cost of our snacks did not equal the cost of our movie tickets.


I am morally just fine with sneaking a snack, but had a really hard time explaining to my 7 year old why I thought it was OK.  In the end, we had a rather long discussion about rules, consequences, choices, and treats.  I think I did OK, and hopefully I didn't warp her delicate moral sensibilities.  Too much.  No one ever said parenting was easy.

And Judy Moody was actually pretty cute.  Very light, no heavy message - just a lot of fun for the 11 and under set.


Kelly said...

Oh we've all had those moments!!

Ashley said...

What a fun girls outing!! A movie & snacks - and oh goodness how I'm a sucker for sneaking in snacks! Way to handle that parenting conversation like a pro!!