Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Day at the Beach

Out of sheer boredom and a driving to desire to Get! Out! of the! HEAT!, we took a drive north.  It brought us to Port Huron, and the melding of the St. Clair River with Lake Huron.  Until recently, we did not know about the sandy beaches and calm waters of the Lake.  Nor did we know of the random beach closures due to E. coli.  By continuing our journey north, we prevailed.  A lovely stretch of sandy beach was found and claimed to be our own: Lakeport State Park  Day Use Area, to be exact. (Note: this location requires the Michigan Recreation Passport.  We didn't have one, but it was mid-week & the entrance wasn't staffed, so we took our chances.)

This man was in love with the sand, the water, and the sunshine. 

This girl paddled and dove and built a masterful sandcastle.
(Look at those legs!  I swear, she has grown 3 inches this summer)

Although the beach was far more rocky than my old Southern California haunts, we acclimated.  A few feet into the lake, the poky rocks turned to soft sand and I was content to hover in the water while my children plotted and dug and poured sand to their hearts' content.  Despite the sizzling sun, it was still 15 degrees cooler by the lake than at home.  After hours of sunscreen, paddling, rock throwing, moat building, and snorkeling, we headed home.  

Our evening was capped off by spotting this:

  Although we personally did not taste-test the efficacy of this statement, I stand by my credo: If you have to use neon to claim how great your food is, it probably isn't.  


Marisa said...

Not trying to be creepy - do you live near Detroit? The landmarks you mentioned are familiar. We live in Grosse Pointe Farms and Andy's finishing his M3 year at St. John Hospital. We're originally from Wisconsin so the beach in your pictures looks like the rocky Midwestern beaches we're used to!

That's Ms. Amy to You... said...

Marisa, we live just north of you. If you haven't been up to the beach at Port Huron, you should check it out. Much better than the beaches on Lake St. Clair (at least where we are).