Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Foods

I recently realized how drastically different our summer diet has become.  With the heat - the true heat - and humidity firmly entrenched, our diet mostly consists of: popsicles, cold cereal, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, fruit, Sonic beverages, and the occasional grilled item.

Not terribly diverse, is it?

Without A/C the last place I want to be is in the kitchen.  Doing dishes has become true drudgery, and cooking.... well, I wouldn't say that any of the above qualifies as cooking.

I absolutely miss it.

I haven't made bread in weeks.  I've been day dreaming of Hainanese Chicken & Rice, served with fudgy brownies for dessert.  I'd love to freeze trays of ripe berries, storing them away for muffins, cakes, and smoothies.... but am instead trying to empty the freezer, not fill it up.  Our local Sonic employees know us by sight, if not yet by name (Go ahead - try a Lemon Slush on a hot day & see if you feel refreshed. You'll thank me.  And then say it's the best 50 cents you've spent all week).

Do you eat differently in the summer?  Is it all Farmer's Market and CSA at your house?  Or do you retreat to the magic land of frozen treats and icy drinks?


Ashley said...

Oh my goodness, just the other night I thought "easy meal" = stouffers frozen lasagna. No big deal our oven was on for 2 hours with cooking time of that, garlic bread, and to slowly heat up & cool down. It then took 4 hours for our thermostat to go below 79 degrees - and it was HOT in our house.

So I'm thinking salads and smoothies are the way to go. But this Hainanese Chicken & Rice recipe looks divine. So does your blog layout - I am such a fan of your blog!

sarita said...

We are surviving almost completely on otter pops, pb&j, and quesadillas.