Monday, July 11, 2011

Ballet Recital

I'm only about 3.5 weeks late in posting this, but here are some snaps from Big Sis' ballet recital:

Her class did a dance from Tangled, and she did an amazing job.  
I don't have any shots from the actual recital because I had to pick between still shots & video (they only allow filming during the dress rehearsal, and they only do one run-through). I missed the video last year, so I had to give it a try this time.  

We'll be starting with another new dance studio in September. 
Although the lack of continuity is a little frustrating (another downside to moving often), it has given us good exposure to how different studios are run & the different methods of teaching. 
At least she still loves to dance! 


Marisa said...

Aw. I love dance recitals. Your daughter looked so adorable in her outfit!

Liz said...

I'm thinking you should post your thoughts on how to pick a good studio. We are also shopping for a new ballet school this year, and I'd love to get your two cents.