Thursday, June 9, 2011

This Is How I Spend My Time

Because I am a lady of leisure, I spend much time on the interwebs.

Between eating bon-bons and lacquering my nails, of course.

And when I have had my fill of the 5 websites I stalk regularly (Facebook, Twitter, Google Mail, eBay, Blogger), I will often jump from page to page in pursuit of something to amuse me whilst I am being fed peeled grapes.

For one simply cannot peel a grape while one's nails are drying.

(Note: This is the real reason why I had children.  The oldest can peel a grape like nobody's business.)

Amusement often arrives in the form of entering various and sundry games of chance.

Pottery Barn is giving away a $10,000 room makeover?

Sign me up!

Self Magazine is offering to whisk me away on a $4,312 airfare-not-included tropical getaway?


Bob's blog is passing out free bookmarks with a comment?

Comment sent!

(Perhaps the last one is an exaggeration.  A lady of leisure must also be discerning, and Bob's bookmarks were really quite sub-par.)

But I do love a giveaway (oh the hope!  the glory!), and when it involves a little something personalized, I am hooked.

Right now, the Preppy Poppy is offering the chance to win chance to win 5 monogrammed eco-friendly grocery totes!  As banal a task as food shopping can only be alleviated if one has a set of bespoke totes.  

Enter now for your chance to win (but, just so you know... they are all mine.)

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