Saturday, March 16, 2013


My baby boy is 5!  

He had a big birthday to celebrate, and we started at 6 am to open presents before Daddy headed to work.  

After school, a nap, first day of soccer practice, and dinner at Panera, we headed home to FINALLY have cake.  

Yep, he's 5!

Saturday brought his PARTY.  He's been talking about it for 2 months.  

Of course it was a MARIO theme.  

Thank you Pinterest, for giving me lots of fun ideas. 

I made Mario "hats" with red foam visors and a sheet of white foam. 

They also decorated wooden race cars. 

Went home with a Mystery Box filled with stickers, Mario fruit snacks, a kazoo, and a gold coin. 

And enjoyed Mario cupcakes! 

They did a little coloring.....

The #1 party request was for a pinata.  
Amazingly, it took about 20 minutes to beat it open.  

Diving for candy...

One of his pals brought chocolate moustaches for everyone - so cool!

The boys played "Pin the Moustache on Mario" (and their interest lasted exactly 1.5 seconds). 
We ended the day with "Stomp the Chomps".

The balloons were crazy strong, and it took them ages to pop!

Happy Birthday J!

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