Friday, March 8, 2013

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Ok, this is probably going to be a crazy long & super boring post.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

Back in December I blogged about how I've been on a fitness kick & lost 25 lbs.  Yes, I am keeping them off, and working to continue to increase my fitness.  A big part of that was doing the Chalean Extreme program.  Although it's billed as Circuit Training, it's really Strength Training.  And it's about lifting heavy weights for just one set of 8-12 reps.  I felt like I needed a new challenge after completing 2 months of Jillian DVD's, so I started it at the beginning of December.

At this point, let me add my disclaimer: I did not follow the full program.  It's a 5-day-a-week schedule, with 3 days of lifting, and 2 days of circuits + abs.  The first 10 days or so I was exhausted from adjusting to lifting to such heavy weights.  I continued to walk and do some light abs on the non-weight days, but did not do the circuit workouts more than a few times.  In January I added in biking.

After 3 weeks, I started having lots of problems with my ankle.  This was an old, chronic injury flaring up and it was very painful. In fact, I woke up on New Year's barely able to walk at all.  I continued to lift, but moved from walking outside to biking inside.  I wanted something that was almost no-impact, and with the icy weather we were having, it was the perfect time to start light Spinning.

My ankle continued to bother me, and nothing helped - Motrin, ice, heat, stretching, strengthening - nothing.  I had to modify some of the squats and lunges, and yes, it finally bothered me enough that I made an appointment with a podiatrist.

I completed all 12 weeks of Chalean Extreme, and I don't think I've ever been so happy to finish something.  Results?  Well, I won't lie.... after plateauing for 3 months, I had no interest in taking my measurement.  I was just..... done.  That last month really kicked my tail.  My impressions are that my strength improved, and I think I lost a bit in inches.  The work pants that were tight in the Fall, are comfortable in the waist, and baggy in the thighs.  I WILL do it again in the future.    

Part II.... coming soon.  (See, told ya it was long.)

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