Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Crazy Hair Day

Big Sis was SO EXCITED when her school announced they were going to have a Crazy Hair Day.  For a $1 donation, the students could participate.  
A grooming challenge?  Right up her alley. 

So I hopped on Pinterest, and showed her a picture I had pinned months ago.  She was game, and supplies were gathered.  And then we had a Snow Day!   

She was bummed, but then relieved when CHD was re-scheduled.  
We woke up early and made the magic happen.

  • Styrofoam cones (Dollar Tree)
  • Hair elastics
  • Ribbon
  • Pink spray-on hair color (Sally Beauty)
  • Hair pins/ bobby pins
If I had to rate the results, I'd give myself a 6/10.  But from the reactions she got at school, I feel like I earned a gold star and a chocolate cupcake.  She even had her picture taken with the principal!  His long blonde wig had nothin' on this pink confection.  Now to plan for next year.....

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