Thursday, March 28, 2013

U6 Soccer

J has been SO EXCITED to start soccer this Spring.  After accompanying us to Spring and Fall soccer for his big sister, he was more than ready to have his own turn.  Due to some schedule changes, last Saturday brought a practice instead of his first game.  Despite the 26 degree temperatures, he was a trooper!

His first game FINALLY arrived yesterday.  They played 4-on-4, with 4, 8 minute quarters.  Or something close to that.  

The Orange Warriors started with a team cheer. 

It was a little warmer last night, but not by much (37 degrees).

Despite being the littlest guy on the team, he was a fast runner, and not afraid to get after the ball. 

And he scored 2 goals!

The Warriors prevailed with a score of 15-3.  
Go Soccer!

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