Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bloggity blog blog blog

I love finding new blogs to read, especially when they concern one or more of my favorite things (food, shopping, reading, etc.). I finally tracked down the blog of the genius who is partly responsible for my awesome cinnamon roll recipe. Orangette is the name of this brilliant blog, and the woman who authors this delicious bit of food writing is Molly Wizenberg. I love her because she has a wonderful writing style - very sparse but eloquent, her pictures are so crisp that I want to reach through the computer and scoop up whatever bit of deliciousness is on her plate, and I also love her because she's in Seattle (I'm feeling a little nostalgic for the Pacific Northwest - it's the Iowa humidity that's making me yearn for grey skies and pine trees. It will pass). I eagerly read her monthly article in Bon Appetit called Cooking Life, and I always enjoy it. She isn't as snobby as some food writers can be - focusing on French cuisine, or exorbitantly expensive ingredients, or some other nonsense which only appeals to a total of 3 readers - and she expresses a true appreciation for the simple joys of uncomplicated, well prepared food. Reading her article on jam made me want to can my own and although I have a hankering for peach jam (smells like feet but tastes like summer), I understand that Iowa is not exactly a haven for peach trees. While I figure out if I will divert my jammy dreams or slog through it with substandard imported peaches, I will enjoy her outstanding blog and maybe sample a recipe or two from her extensive archive. I'm also looking forward to her book, which comes out in March of '09. Again with the buying of books. What is becoming of me in my advanced years??

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