Sunday, May 25, 2008

Stuff I Am Loving Right Now

  1. Space Bags! I changed out our Winter down comforter for our Spring quilt, and wasn't sure what to do with the comforter. I thought I'd give Space Bags a try, and they totally work! I jammed my comforter in one, and 10 sweaters in another, sucked the air out with the vacuum, and voila! Flat bags I can stuff under the bed! Love it!
  2. Method cleaning spray in Pink Grapefruit. I was a little behind on joining the Method bandwagon, but I LOVE the stuff now. I use the cleaning spray, the handwash (also Pink Grapefruit), the Go Naked laundry detergent and the Baby laundry detergent. Everything they make is non-toxic, and smells delicious. I'm sad that Target doesn't carry the entire line of Method, but excited to try the new Baby care line (mmmm... fuzzy peach).
  3. Iced Tea. It's that time of year again! Nothing says warm weather like a tall, cool glass of iced tea. It hasn't been hot enough for sun tea, so I've been making it with boiled water and Lipton's Decaf Iced Tea bags. I add a little honey while it's still warm. Tastes like summer. Diet Squirt is also tops on my summertime beverage list.
  4. That it's summer vacation time. No, we're not really going anywhere, but I got Malaina all psyched for her "summer bay-cation" from pre-school, and now that Matt only has 1 more day of school left, it's hard not to get excited about summer. I'm hoping for low-stress days with a mixture of pool time, naps, movies, the Play Place (at the Jordan Creek Mall) and lots of AC to combat the Iowa humidity.

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