Monday, June 16, 2008

3 months old

Justin is now 3 months old! It's hard to believe that 3 short months ago, we were still waiting for him to make his grand entrance. He has changed so much in that short amount of time, and is such a sweet little boy.
Likes: Chewing on his fingers, drooling, pony rides, jumping in his Jump Up, riding in the stroller, smiling at Mom, laughing at Dad.
Dislikes: Bed time, nap time, laying on his tummy.
Favorite Toy: Green frog
Favorite Food: Milk
We went to Chicago this weekend, but I am massively busy and I will blog about it later in the week (Note to Self: do not attempt to drive across the state when half of it - including the freeway- is under water. You will not make good time). I have a 2 week project to do by Wednesday night (yes, it was given to me this morning), so all other activities are on hold until that's done. My only saving grace is that my boss goes on vacation on Thursday, and I will have 6 days of peace and quiet.

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Jacob, Kelly, Austin and Chase said...

Wow, he is getting big fast. I can't believe how fast time seems to go by. They grow up way to fast. Good luck with the project. Can't wait to see your pictures of Chicago. I am sure it will just make me extremly jealous.