Monday, November 24, 2008

Freshly Made

I love the promise of a freshly made bed. Clean sheets, smoothed and tucked just so. Pillows fluffed, a little turn-down on top.

There's nothing like sliding between the sheets of a newly made bed. I'm not sure what's better: The comfort of snuggling into a featherbed-topped mattress with flannel sheets and a fluffy down comforter. Or the cool embrace of softly worn cotton and the lightest of summer blankets.

My life changed when I discovered down pillows. I am a tremendous fan of the pillow, going so far as to build a "pillow fort" when I have the space. This means one pillow under my head, and one on either side of my body. Not so popular when sharing a bed, but tremendously cozy when space allows. I have 2 king sized down pillows that are enormous, puffy, and perfectly squishable. I like the king sized version, as I can tuck it under my head and still have pillow to wrap my arms around.

And on that note, I am going to sleep in my freshly made bed.

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