Sunday, November 9, 2008

Some of my favorite things

Late Fall is here, with frigid temperatures, and the accompanying desire to bundle up and be snuggly.
These are my cashmere socks. I know - cashmere!? I bought these when I was working at Banana Republic. Boy, do I miss that employee discount. My favorite time of year was after Christmas, when all the cashmere would go on sale. These are super warm and make me feel luxurious, too.

These are Big Sis' knee socks. I bought them because they were on super sale, and I was a little skeptical. But I totally love them on her. A little girl in knee socks - what could be cuter?

New favorite crackers. Whole grain, a tiny bit sweet, and the perfect size for Big J to test out his new choppers.

Like his hat? I do. It's a little bit Elmer Fudd, without the Wabbit hunting. He looks adorable & it keeps his ears warm, too.

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Ashley said...

Um, darling knee socks, comfy BR socks, and even cuter pic of you and Big J. His cheeks = edible. I hope you kiss them 50 million times a day.